Black on Black


Your interior and exterior areas will be the feature of your home with this warm, deep colour and sophisticated style. The Black Japan Stain will recreate your cold and uninviting areas and transform them into a favourite part of your home. For your interior timber, complement your lighter elements and pair the Black Japan Floor Finish with white walls and features for a stunning and distinctive contrast. For another look, consider using the Black Japan Stain and Varnish for timber furniture – a dark, timber stain that will highlight the natural wood grain and will be the finishing touch to the furniture in your room. These Japanese-inspired timber products are the perfect look for all interiors, particularly minimalist, modern, industrial, and art deco interiors.

For your exteriors needs, make your outdoor area a standout with our stunning Black Japan Timber and Deck Oil. When paired with the vibrant and lush greens of your garden landscape and the natural textural elements of exposed brick, the black timber stain and oil creates a sophisticated and eye-catching colour scheme and contrasting design. With a unified and bold canvas, you can add a touch of colour for a standout effect, or pair with some bare, natural timber for a rustic design. Black is the new black – take a chance with this striking colour scheme and achieve a stunning design that will bring life into any area. 












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