Tap in to your creativity to transform and DIY a Side Table 

Want to upgrade your DIY skills and create a project worth displaying?

Convert a basic bamboo bread bin into a stunning neutral-coloured side table suited to the aesthetic of your home. To achieve this look, use Feast Watson's Prooftint in Oak and either Feast Watson Clear Varnish or Feast Watson Scandinavian oil. This simple DIY proves that a remodel of a basic household item can turn itself into something new and customised.


The best things in life often come unexpectedly. There’s nothing like a surprise phone call from an old friend, a compliment from a stranger or a fresh cup of coffee waiting on your desk. When @extra.ordinary.home came up with the novel idea to craft a side table out of two bamboo bread bins, she didn’t expect it to become a viral hit. We love this DIY project because of its simplicity and ingenuity.

@extra.ordinary.home’s chic side table transformation reminds us that a touch of inspiration is all it takes to make an ordinary furniture piece extraordinary.

How to get @extra.ordinary.home’s look:

  1. Purchase or repurpose two identical bamboo bread bins.

  2. Glue the two bread bins together at the base. Nail them together where


  3. Using timber off-cuts, craft four identical legs.

  4. Evenly apply Feast Watson Prooftint in Oak to the legs with a brush or cloth.

    Watch as Prooftint imparts a gorgeous, warm brown tone.

  5. Once dry, seal with a top coat such as Feast Watson Clear Varnish or Feast

    Watson Scandinavian Oil for a stunning, protective finish.

  6. Screw the legs to the body of the side table. Ensure that your table legs are

    evenly spaced.

  7. Paint the body of the side table a neutral shade.@extra.ordinary.homeused

    Porter’s Paints Eggshell in Wet Cement to create her unique look.

  8. Allow to dry, and enjoy your fabulous, custom side table.